Cinzia Cirillo
University of Maryland
Subject Area: 
Technology Transfer (T2)


The research team lead by Dr. Cinzia Cirillo has organized a workshop on policies and methods related to vehicle ownership and use. The lectures that were presented by the invited speakers cover a wide spectrum of issues all relevant for the competitiveness of our country and the sustainability of our mobility lifestyle. 

The keynote lecture was given by Dr. David Greene from University of Tennessee and former fellow of the Oakridge National Laboratory. Dr. Greene is an expert in Transportation and energy issues, alternative fuels, fuel economy and costs of oil dependence, and is the author of more than 250 professional publications on transportation and energy issues. 

The lecturers have also included Professor Oliver Gao, editor in chief of Transportation Research part D, and Ricardo Daziano, both faculty members of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. Dr. Elisabetta Cherchi from the University of Copenhagen has offered an international perspective on choice and attitude registered in Europe in response to the adoption of innovative policies concerning the use of the electric vehicle.

The workshop has been closed by Jacob Ward who is the head of the vehicle technology division at DOE. His program in collaboration with industry helps to develop and deploy advanced vehicle technologies, including highly efficient combustion engines, lightweight materials, and electric drive vehicles. 

The announcement of the workshop has been diffused through the mailing lists of several TRB committees (i.e. ADB10; ADB40 and ADC20; IATBR) and has been sent to the attention of state (SHA, MDOT) and federal agencies (FHWA; USDOT; DOE). 

The workshop was attended by at least 40 participants. We also register a very high representation of international organization (including the European Commission).

Both local and international researchers and practitioners have attended the workshop; local and national administrators have participated or expressed interest in the initiative. Students from our program have got the opportunity to interact with internationally recognized scholars in this promising area of research. The implementation of this project has also raised the visibility of the National University Transportation Center at the University of Maryland. Possibly new research funding will be generated.

Project Report: 

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