The UMD team will

  • offer pooled fund OD products between 2020 and 2024 (discussing with FHWA on possibly offering 2019 pooled fund products too);
  • produce a national all trip roster that will be used for both national and pooled fund OD products, which ensures consistency; and
  • leverage our experience in managing the Probe Data Analytics project, FHWA NPMRDS project, and AASHTO Map-21 tools project, all of which provide passive data products to state DOTs, MPOs, and other organizations nationwide.


Pooled Fund Program Specification Sheet:

Pooled fund product specifications are to be finalized based on pooled fund partner feedback and FHWA approval.

Attribute Standard Pooled Fund OD Product Optional Features
OD type Passenger travel Truck travel
Data product type OD product only Route and route flow data
Temporal aggregation Annual or monthly daily average Day-of-week, weekday/weekend, daily, peak/off-peak, hour-of-day aggregations
Zone structure Census tract to census tract for the study area and adjacent census tracts within a buffer zone Customized zone system
Trips Coverage Internal-internal trips only for the study area and the buffer zone Add internal-external, external-internal, external-external
Modes Air, rail, vehicle, other Add bus, walk, bike
Purpose HBW, HBO, WBO, and OBO Customized trip purposes
Distance (0, 10], (10, 25], (25, 50], (50, 75], (75, 100], (100, 150], (150, 300], >300 miles Customized distance bands
Socio-demographics None Age, income, race, etc.


Transportation Pooled Fund Program:

FHWA NextGen NHTS Program Manager:
Danny Jenkins

UMD Team: