“If we can nudge just a small percentage of travelers to use alternative modes of transportation, change their travel time, and make smarter routing/driving choices, we can accomplish significant system-level benefits”

The app, incenTrip, provides monetary and non-monetary incentives to improve commuter trips and reduce traffic congestion, energy use, and emissions. It not only recommends alternative departure times and travel routes, but provides personalized travel rewards points when users opt for greener mode choices such as carpooling, mass transit, walking, or biking. Support for the travel incentive program is being provided by MWCOG, TPB, and Commuter Connections together with their state transportation department partners.

Combining artificial intelligence of individual user preference with real-time prediction of transportation system dynamics, incenTrip learns its users’ travel patterns, allowing it to make individually-tailored recommendations. Together, incenTrip’s features add up to a powerful, cost-effective way to influence travel behavior, says Herbert Rabin Distinguished Professor Lei Zhang, MTI’s director.

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