Cross Cutting

Led by the University of Maryland, MTI brings together interdisciplinary transportation expertise from across Maryland universities to develop and deploy innovative solutions that address urban and rural transportation problems. MTI leverages expertise in a broad range of fields, including big data analytics, transportation engineering, public policy, urban planning, economics, and public health, to unearth novel and holistic solutions to the world's most pressing transportation challenges. Affiliated centers and faculty tap into the research resources of 10 University of Maryland colleges and schools. 

Leading Edge

MTI encompasses leading centers in smart growth, cyber security, GIS, logistics, sustainability, human computer interaction, big data analytics, and public health, including the largest transportation big data center in the nation. MTI centers and labs transform data into practical solutions that build a more efficient, safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation system. Affiliated centers have developed technologies and procedures that optimize emergency response planning and operations, help officials make better long-term investment decisions, and have prevented hundreds of crashes. These and other innovations save Maryland residents millions of dollars a year in lost time, repairs, and energy costs. 


Affiliated Organizations

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