NTC@Maryland Host Training Workshop on DTALite and Integrated AgBM-DTALite Model

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Full size image: DTALite GUI

On July 2nd, NTC@Maryland offered a training workshop to introduce participants to the DTALite/NeXTA open source software package through hands-on exercises. Teach participants to import data, code a network to analyze toll facilities and work zones, and evaluate simulation results using the visualization and reporting features in NeXTA. Also, introduce participants to the AgBM-DTALite integrated model, and present capabilities of the integrated model through examples of planned applications. This workshop is part of a research project funded by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and led by project PI Professor Lei Zhang and also in collaboration with Professor Xuesong Zhou of Arizona State University. The training session, taught by Professors Xuesong Zhou and Lei Zhang,  was attended by professionals from Maryland State Highway Administration, Baltimore Metropolitan Council, National Center for Smart Growth Research & Education, and faculty and students from University of Maryland. The training session has been video recorded and those who are interested can access the training session remotely at the following links:

Part 1:  http://vid.umd.edu/detsmediasite/Play/48bf46f2035a4855b0c51035fbf6d1761d

Part 2:  http://vid.umd.edu/detsmediasite/Play/62494544317e4fafa4ac9f4af94538e11d

A schedule for the videos along with time stamps can be found here

Attached here is an acompanying handout that explains each of the modules in more detail 



Published October 13, 2015