Gang-Len Chang, Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Phone: 301.405.1953  |  Email:
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Network Traffic control; Freeway traffic management and operations; Real-time traffic simulation; Dynamic urban systems.
  Cinzia Cirillo, Associate Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Phone: 301.405.6864  |  Email: | Profile
Discrete choice analysis; Advanced demand modeling; Activity based models; Revealed and stated preference surveys; Large scale model systems; Value of time studies.
  Ali Haghani, Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Phone: 301.405.1963  |  Email: | Profile
Transportation network modeling; Freight transportation and logistics; Emergency response; Dynamic fleet management; Container transportation; Mass transit operations.
  Paul Schonfeld, Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering
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Transportation systems analysis, Public transportation, Air transportation, Inland waterways, Highway location and design.

Lei Zhang
Herbert Rabin Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering
Director, Maryland Transportation Institute

Phone: 301.405.2881  | Email: | Website
Transportation-Land Use planning; Travel behavior and demand; Transportation economics and policy; Infrastructure pricing and financing; Sustainability; Freeway operations.