NTC Research Projects

[NTC2014-SU-R-13] Multi-layered Integrated Urban Freight Delivery Network – Phase I: Identification of Policy Preferences based on Qualitative and Conjoint Analyses

PI: Hyeonshic Shin

Building on an ongoing study conducted by Dr. Hyeonshic Shin in collaboration with the University of Maryland and West Virginia University, this study conducts a large scale survey of freight related businesses and analyze the survey using choice-based conjoint analysis technique.

[NTC2014-SU-R-12] Long-distance Transportation Infrastructure in a Climate-constrained Future: Reliable High-speed Rail Service for Economic Growth

PI: Mikhail V. Chester

The research project will develop a life cycle framework for prioritizing resiliency upgrades to high-speed rail (HSR) systems in the face of future climate change.

[NTC2014-SU-R-11] Impact of Freight Movement Trends on Highway Pavement Infrastructure

PI: Shane Underwood

The objective of this research project is to investigate the impacts of national freight traffic trends and projections on the pavement infrastructure.

[NTC2014-SU-R-10] HOV Lane Performance Monitoring System

PI: Ali Haghani

This research focuses on developing an evaluation framework that combines traffic data from several sources to estimate key HOV indicators.

[NTC2014-SU-R-09] Ex-Post Value for Money Analysis of Public Private Partnerships in Freight Transportation Infrastructure

PI: Qingbin Cui

The goal of this research is to develop an ex-post value for money analysis framework and perform empirical analysis of P3s compared to conventional project delivery.

[NTC2014-SU-R-08] Evaluating and Calibrating Emission Impacts of Traffic Management Strategies through Simplified Emission Estimation Model and Mesoscopic Dynamic Traffic Simulators

PI: Xuesong Zhou

This research will use a multi-scale agent-based dynamic traffic assignment methodology (DTALite + MoveLite) to simulate possible time-varying traffic flow patterns within a network and accurately estimate the individual and total system cost in a transportation network.

[NTC2014-SU-R-07] Efficiency and Reliability in Freight Transportation Systems

PI: Paul Schonfeld

This proposed study seeks to develop a modeling framework and some specific component models for optimizing freight transportation systems, with emphasis on operations at transfer terminals.

[NTC2014-SU-R-06] Efficiency and Reliability in Freight Transportation

PI: George F. List

This project extends the frontier of reliability assessment for freight shipments and modes. It provides new tools and techniques that public agencies, shippers, carriers and other parties can use to assess the reliability of freight systems.

[NTC2014-SU-R-05] Development of a Simulation Test Bed for Connected Vehicles using the LSU Driving Simulator

PI: Sherif Ishak

The primary goal of this study is to develop a driving simulator-based test bed for connected vehicles research in the areas of operation and safety.

[NTC2014-SU-R-04] Design and Implementation of a Detection, Control, and Warning System (DCWS) for Dilemma Zone Applications

PI: Dr. Gang-Len Chang

The purpose of this research is to design, implement, and evaluate a dilemma zone protection system at a high speed rural intersection.

[NTC2014-SU-R-03] Congestion Mitigation Potential of Autonomous (Driverless) Vehicles: A Scenario Based Approach

PI: Xuesong Zhou

The overall goal of this project is to develop a rigorous framework that is founded on sound behavioral constructs and analytical methods that would allow the accurate estimation of the impacts of autonomous, driverless, connected, and other advanced vehicular technologies under a variety of scenarios.

[NTC2014-SU-R-02] Combining Different Data Sources to Predict Origin-Destinations and Flow Patterns for Trucks in Large Networks

PI: Mecit Cetin

Developing such a system where data from multiple sources are assimilated and synthesized to predict freight patterns will be useful for planning and performance monitoring of the national freight network.

[NTC2014-SU-R-01] Behavioral Study for Managed Lane Pricing with Refund Option

PI: Yingyan Lou

The objective of this project is to investigate travelers’ reactions to a possible refund option of priced managed lanes.

[NTC2015-MU-R-10] Improving the Reliability of Freight Transportation

PI: Paul Schonfeld, George List, Hyeonshic Shin

This project will advance the frontier of knowledge in the area of freight reliability and efficiency and emphasize operations at intermodal transfer terminals and the effects of dispatching decisions on system reliability.